Belonging & the Transient Home, 2016

This was a collaborative public art project developed by Dr Tammy Wong Hulbert and the Vicseg Persian Asylum Seekers Social Health Group. The project was presented at the Broadmeadows Street Festival on Sunday 3rd April, 2016, supported by the City of Hume. Taking the theme of 'belonging' in a society, the project looked at how new migrants belong in Australian society, where the idea of 'home' is challenged by becoming more temporary and transient, a result of increased mobility and transforming social, cultural, political and economic contexts of a globalising society. The project focused on embedding artistic processes into Vicseg's family group sessions, where the members workshopped an art project with public outcomes. The artist created a series of 'transient homes' made from suitcases, to imply that through mobility we take our idea of home with us, and thus belong where we arrive. The aim of the project was to give this group an opportunity to engage and participate locally and to promote a sense of belonging through artistic processes. Festival audiences experienced the project in two ways: 1) Exchange: Celebrating the Persian New Year - the group shared their hand crafted ceramic good luck charms in exchange for dialogue and 2) The Great Transient Homes Race: The wider community raced the 'transient homes', the race facilitated by the group. The project is a Centre for Art, Society and Transformation project. Watch the video here.


Artists Incubator Residents, 2015

During 2015, the Artists Incubator secured a one year studio space in the Wheatsheaf Hub, Glenroy, funded in-kind by the City of Moreland. During this period we invited many artists to work with us in the community. Artist Claire Tracey worked in the studio space, developing her environmentally based up-cycled sculptures. As part of the six month residency program with funding from the Cultural Council four RMIT connected artists were selected to work on community based projects: Rebecca Mayo, James Mayo and Phil Edwards in collaboration with Sofi Basseghi. The residency wound up in October of 2015 with artists producing wide ranging works, which were presented at Gathering Glenroy in November, 2015, a public event held at the Wheatsheaf Road Studio, where the artists invited back many partnering organisations to an art event. The event involved the running of art workshops and performances for Glenroy.


Flavours of Glenroy2014-15

Flavours of Glenroy (FoG) was the pilot project for the Artists Incubator. It began as a public participatory community based mobile gardening project, presented at Post Office Place in Glenroy in 2014. FoG was collaboratively developed by artists Rowena Booth, Tammy Wong Hulbert and Shane Hulbert in partnership with Scope, Ceres & Scotsburn Nursery and funded by the City of Moreland's Celebrating Place Grants. The project evolved over two years and became a part of the Glenroy Festival 2015, where the collaborators developed the project into 'The Great Mobile Edible Garden Race'. The project at this event was developed in partnership with Vicseg New Futures and the ITIKI Sports Network of Glenroy. Visit the Flavours of Glenroy Website.